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Hollinsnet Is Now My.Hollins!

During the academic year 2006-07 the President asked the Human Resources Committee to review the current means of communications and internal web-based content to find a single solution that was the most efficient, expedient, and functional way to communicate to all members of the Hollins Community.  It was decided that the My.Hollins intranet portal would provide richer customized content based on the user's relationship to the university (student, faculty, staff, etc.) and a single sign-on to the Hollins Information System (HIS) .  It would also keep members of the Hollins Community connected to each other.   As a result of their findings, the Hollinsnet will no longer be available through the traditional means.  All information from the Hollinsnet has now been made available through the My.Hollins.edu portal as of August 15, 2007.

Why has Hollins University created the Portal?

The Portal exists to be a "One Stop Shop" for Hollins online services. It is meant to provide simple, secure access to our users, whether they are on or off campus.

Why do we need a main Web site AND a Portal? How are they different?

The main Web site is geared more toward providing outside users with information about the university. The portal is designed to help people who are already part of the Hollins community to get news and information as well as stay connected.

Who can use the Portal?

The ability to log in, which provides access to targeted and personal news and services, is currently available to students, faculty, staff, board of trustees and university parents. The portal may provide expanded services to prospective students and alumnae in the future.

Logging In:

How do I log in?

Under Secure Access Login in the upper left corner of the portal page http://my.hollins.edu type your user name and password (the same as you use on campus to log into the computers).

Can I access the Portal and its services from my home computer?

Yes, the portal is accessible via any internet connection, on campus or off by typing http://my.hollins.edu

Portal Content:

What content is available on the Portal?

The portal includes news from on and off campus, the Hollins Information System (access to your personal grades, advising, financial accounts, etc.), the campus directory (soon to be a pictorial directory), off-campus access to library research services, webmail for students, informal campus polls, the campus Today@Hollins calendar, and much more.

Can I post campus announcements on the Portal?

If you have an event that you would like to publicize, you can send an email to jhodges@hollins.edu.  If you would like your event posted to the calendar you can send your information to:  amclaughlin@hollins.edu for students, jhodges@hollins.edu for staff and faculty. Your event will then appear in the "Today @ Hollins" list on the portal, the Personal Announcements section or the Campus Announcements section (depending upon the event).

Settings and Preferences:

What is the Content/Layout feature on the Portal?

The "Content/Layout" link in the upper left corner allows you to customize the portal to match your needs. For example, you can add your own tab and then add content within it that is most helpful to you. By selecting the "X" on the corner of each channel you can also delete a channel you know you will never utilize.  If you should ever have questions about My.Hollins please go to the Tutorial Tab.  If your question is not answered there, please call our help desk at ext. 7777.

Requesting Features:

Will new services be added to the Portal over time?

Definitely! The portal that you are seeing now is just the start.  More channels, news and information are added on a daily basis... so check back frequently.

Can I request certain kinds of information or services be added to the Portal?

Yes, we would love your feedback to help us prioritize and plan for what will be developed next. Please send your suggestions to compserv@hollins.edu.

Getting Help:

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about the Portal?

If you experience a problem, or have a question please contact the Help Desk at 7777. You can also email compserv@hollins.edu.  We will do our best to respond quickly.

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