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NEW! 2009 SWCA Conference

Members of the Writing Center staff will be travelling to North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC on February 26-28, 2009 to present at the 2009 Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference! We will be presenting on the challenges and rewards of tutoring Horizon students. The title of the conference is "The Writing Center’s Role in Student Success: 21st Century Strategies for Empowerment Rooted in Culture and Diversity." Carmen Sambuco, Megan Stolz, Natalia Tkacz, Rachel Slater, Lianne Jackson, Chelsea van der Mije and coordinator Rachel McCarthy James will be presenting.

Past Writing Center Conferences

2007: National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW), Penn State: "Collaborative Administration in the Writing Center," Panel: Marcy Trianosky, Rachel McCarthy James, Lindsay Little, Denae LoBato

2007: Southeastern Writing Center Assoc. (SWCA), Nashville: “Talking Back: Challenging Heirarchy and Authority in the Writing Center” (Panel with individual presentations: Mallory Haar, Laura Smith, Lindsay Little, Michelle Fellows) (proposed).

2005: International Writing Center Assoc. (IWCA), Minneapolis: “Girl on Girl Action: The Ecology of a Women’s University,” Panel with individual presentations (Mallory Haar, Laura Smith, Martha Gregor, Katy McGarr).

2004: SWCA, Atlanta: “Feeling Your Way Through: Tensions in the Writing Center,” Poster Session (Maggie Henderson, Angie Jeffreys, Amanda Coody, Cat Vasko).

2003: IWCA, Hershey, PA. “Talking Back: What Do Tutors Want from WC Directors?” Panel Discussion with California State Univ. at San Bernardino (Lynne Hawkinson, Lucy Erhardt).

2003: SWCA, Charlotte, NC: “Keeping Everyone Talking: Evolving Communication Methods in Session Documentation,” Poster Session (Sarah Lauderdale, Kris MacLeod, Amy Torbert, Lucy Earhardt, Shara Saunsaucie). “’But You’re an English Major’: Fluidity Between the Generalist and the Specialist Tutor in the Small Liberal Arts Writing Center,” Individual Presentation (Jackie Whitt).

2002: IWCA, Savannah: “Cultivating A Positive Relationship with Faculty in the WC,” Panel Discussion. (Kate Preusser, Erin Pope, Anne Pogue, Sarah Lauderdale, Kris MacLeod).

2000: IWCA, Baltimore. Attendees (Amanda Palmer, Lyndsay Durango, Laura English, Syreeta Combs).

1997: SWCA, Augusta, Georgia. Four tutor attendees.

1994: National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW), Birmingham, Alabama. Three tutor attendees.

1993: NCPTW, Grand Valley State, Michigan. Three tutor attendees.

2007 National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing

The Writing Center staff with keynote speaker/hero/BFF Kenneth Bruffee. From left: Kenneth Bruffee, Erin Pope, Rachel McCarthy James, Lindsay Little, Denae LoBato, and Marcy Trianosky.

At the Fall 2007 Conference at Penn State.
Left to Right: Steven Pearlman, Denae LoBato, Rachel McCarthy James, Linsay Little, Marcy Trianosky, Syreeta, Erin Pope

2007 Southeastern Writing Center Association

2007 Nashville Conference Group Shot

2007 Nashville Conference Group Shot #2

Laura and Michelle