Q: How long do sessions last?
A: Sessions last from 30-45 minutes. We do not tutor more than 45 minutes because it is tiring for both the tutee and the tutor and sessions tend to become ineffective after 45 minutes.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Your paper, your assignment and possibly the literature youíre writing about. Since time is limited, it is also helpful if you know what you want to work on.

Q: Can I come in without an appointment?
A: Yes, but during busy times there may not be time for walk-ins. Also, we cannot accept walk-ins who come in with less than an hour left in our posted hours. Appointments are highly encouraged.

Q: I want a tutor majoring in the discipline of my paper. What are the majors of the tutors on duty?
A: Tutors are trained to work with various types of papers. They have handouts and training on multiple documentation styles. While it's true that tutors will work with everyone, it's also true that tutors CAN sometimes work more effectively if they're in a particular major or have some experience with that professor or that discipline.

Q: I donít have anything written. Can I still come in?
A: Sure. At the WC, we are here to help you work on your paper, whether it be by brainstorming ideas, talking about a rough draft or reworking a previously submitted paper.

Q: Will the tutor edit my paper/Can I get a tutor to edit my paper?
A: Tutors are not editors. We will not read your paper without you or simply mark grammar mistakes. Tutoring in the WC is a process which involves active participation from the student tutee and an exchange of ideas between tutor and tutee.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment outside of regular tutoring hours?
A: No.

Q. Can I schedule an appointment through email?
A. Yes. Please allow 24 hours for us to check the email and get back to you via phone or email to confirm your appointment. If you are going to schedule an appointment through email, please include the following information in your email: Your Name, your phone number, and a window of time that you'd like to make the appointment to be made during (i.e. on a Thursday morning). Your appointment has not been made until we have called or emailed you back to confirm.

Q: What happens if I am late to my appointment?
A: After 15 minutes, your forfeit your appointment. If you then come in, you will be a walk-in.

Q: Can I come in as often as I want?
A: We are here to help build confidence, not create dependence. Excessive tutoring sessions are not only ineffective, but can cause students to become intellectually tired. To ensure equal access to our facilities, we ask that tutees follow these guidelines:

    1. Students may schedule a weekly appointment with a        
        specific tutor if desired.
    2. Students may not have back-to-back sessions.
    3. Students may not have more than two sessions a day.
    4. Students may not have more than four sessions a week.

Q: Can I get help with documentation outside regular tutoring hours?
A: Yes! See our documentation part of our webpage located here. Handouts on MLA, APA, and Turabian/Chicago are available to be downloaded and printed.

Q: Who gets to be a tutor? Are tutors trained?
A: Tutors are Hollins students who go through a hiring process in the fall. After being hired, students must complete a semester-long class involving tutor theory and methods. Students read and discuss articles on tutoring and the process of writing. They also engage in role-playing and observe tutoring sessions. After the training class and observation, students are allowed to tutor minimum of 8 hours per week. For information on becoming a tutor, see this page. For information on the UNIV 230 class, see this page.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Please see our hours page or our home page for our hours.

Q: I have a complaint. Who can I contact?
A: Please contact our Interim Coordinator Rachel McCarthy James rmccarthyjames@hollins.edu with any complaints you may have.