Self-Editing Checklist

Use this Self-Editing Checklist to proofread your own paper.  Check off each step after you complete it.

q     Think about what types of mistakes you make most often.

q     At the top of your paper, list the three most frequent errors you make that you feel deserve priority.

q     Read through your paper and look only for the first, most common error.  Circle all suspected errors of that type.

q     Next, repeat the previous step, looking only for your second most common error.

q     Repeat the previous step once again for your third most common error, if necessary.

q     If you have not already looked for verb problems, highlight or underline all of the verbs in your paper.

q     Check all of your highlighted verbs for:

q       Subject-verb agreement

q       Modals (can, should, would, must, may)

q       “be” verbs (am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been)

q     After you have followed these steps, you may ask a knowledgeable friend (or a WC tutor!) to read over your paper to look for problem areas.