1. Remember, it doesnít matter what class youíre writing for, we can help!

2. Try new tutors! Try us all!

3. Come early, come often.

4. Come prepared: Bring your assignment and your sources including your notes from    
    class, your syllabus, and anything else that will be helpful in the session.

5. Come ready to talk about your assignment.

6. Remember that you can come at any stage of the writing process.

7. Even if you donít have anything written, come to the WC. We can always help you get
    started, and then youíll have something that will help cut down on your stress.

8. Take notes of your ideas during a session so that you know how to go back and work on
    your paper.

9. Come with a positive attitude. Even if you canít donít feel comfortable with the
    assignment. An open mind is always helpful to you and to us when weíre trying to work
    on an assignment together.

10. Don't stop visiting the WC or improving your writing skills just because you get that A.
    Everyone can improve his or her writing. Good writers can become great writers; great
    writers, exceptional writers; exceptional writers, unparalleled writers. Your grades only
    matter for the years that you're here at Hollins. Good writing skills, however, will serve you
    for the rest of your life.