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First Year Tutors
Callie Bonatz, Lianne Jackson, Tara Sim,
Rachel Slater, Chelsea van der Mije
Natalia Tkacz.


Senior Tutors
Kathy Transue, Carmen Sambuco,
Megan Stolz, Paige Briddell.


Callie Bonatz ('11)

Callie Bonatz 

Callie is a sophomore psychology major. This is her first year tutoring.



Lianne Jackson ('11)

Lianne Jackson  

Lianne Jackson is a sophomore from North Carolina. She's a creative writing major with a theatre minor, and a wide range of interests which include music, mod-podging, and envelope making. She loves to read, write, and watch movies. She has two cats named Pickles and Pepper.



Kathy Transue ('09)

Kathy is a senior creative writing major. This is her third year tutoring.



Tara Sim ('11)

Tara Sim

Tara is a sophomore English major with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Psychology. She loves reading a variety of genres in books but is mostly in love with fantasy novels, especially The Lord of the Rings. She's obsessed with music, tea, writing, cake, anime, Bath and Body Works, and going to IHOP very late at night. She is a huge fan of Scrubs and will be able to quote it on demand. This is her first year tutoring.



Rachel Slater ('11)

Rachel Slater

Rachel is a sophomore, somewhat perplexed about what she's going to do in life. She's an English and Psychology major, but what she will do with the two once she's graduated is completely unknown. She enjoys sitting on the porch of West for hours on end, regressing to childhood, and reading rather scandalous books. She can also occasionally be found careening around the countryside in her car or cuddling the love of her life, and enormous black draft horse. This is her first year tutoring.



Carmen Sambuco ('09)

Carmen Sambuco

Carmen is a senior creative writing major with a minor in film. She consumes copious amounts of internet television and hot chocolate. Currently, she is slaving away at her currently untitled thesis of poetry, and spending what little free time she has left over volunteering at a wildlife rescue (which equates basically to cuddling woodland creatures). Also, she has met her two favorite bands in the span of this past year (Iron & Wine, and the Avett Brothers) and would like you to know that. She almost cried on all of them, and likes to tell these stories often. This is her second year tutoring.



Megan Stolz ('09)

Megan Stolz 

Megan Stolz is a senior history and creative writing major from the sunny state of California. When she's not in the writing center she can be found buried in the library archives looking up primary sources for her obscure history thesis topic, typing away furiously at her English creative thesis, or wondering how she manages to spend ridiculous amounts of time in Presser for the sake of the fantastic Hollins Concert Choir and Talmadge Singers (and shamelessly promoting them every chance she gets). In her spare time she enjoys secretly reading books for pleasure, telling camp stories from her strange summer at Philmont in the wilderness of New Mexico, playing off-campus on the weekends, and spreading little-known-facts everywhere she goes. Tea is usually involved.



Paige Briddell ('09)

Paige Briddell 

Paige is a senior History major with a minor in Creative Writing. This is her second semester tutoring.



Natalia Tkacz ('11)

Natalia Tkacz 

Natalia is a sophomore Art History major. This is her first year tutoring.



Chelsea van der Mije ('10)


Chelsea van der Mije

Chelsea is a Junior Spanish and Women's Studies double major. This is her  first year tutoring.



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Tutor Training, August 2008