Writing Center Bibliography:  Writing Across the Curriculum



Note: I will be annotating this list gradually. In the meantime, if you have questions please call me (ext. 6576) or send me an email (mtrianosky@hollins.edu) and I will be glad to describe the books to you in more detail.


Marcy Trianosky, Director, The Writing Center




WAC Strategies for Assigning and Evaluating Writing


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Principles and Definitions


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Program Evaluation


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Yancey, Kathleen, and Irwin Weiser.  Situating Portfolios:  Four Perspectives.  Logan, Utah:  Utah State University Press, 1997.



For information on any of these texts or to borrow any of these volumes, contact Marcy Trianosky, Director of The Writing Center, ext. 6576 (mtrianosky@hollins.edu).