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Big Creek People in Action
   The Amazing Marsha


Big Creek People In Action, Inc. (BCPIA) was founded in 1990 by citizens of McDowell County, West Virginia. Since that time, this nonprofit organization has been serving the community of McDowell County in the realms of early childhood development, education and literacy, leadership development, volunteer service, arts and culture, housing, recreation, and collaborative partnerships. The mission of BCPIA is to foster a community in which people learn, work, play, and grow together and prepare themselves for success in the 21st century. BCPIA's vision of McDowell County is one of empowered and self-sufficient people living in communities that are economically vibrant, democratic, and socially just.

BCPIA serves as our local host for field work in War, WV. Marcia Timpson, Bonner Learning Coordinator, is our key contact and coordinator of all of the service learning projects and activities. Marcia grew up in the area and is very well connected within the region which provides our team the opportunity to connect in a deeper fashion than would be possible without her or the ties to BCPIA.