Work at Home Rights  for Microsoft Software

Hollins leases the Microsoft Suite of products for PCs and Macs by participating in a program called Campus Agreement for higher education institutions.  It is an annually renewable lease that covers Microsoft Office and other products.  As part of this agreement, eligible faculty and staff can purchase the media for the software at a very highly discounted rate from an organization called FCCC for their  home computers to do university related work .

Work at Home Use Rights - Microsoft has granted Work at Home Use Rights to educators  using the Campus Agreement platform of products on their campus workstation. Faculty and staff who were counted in our FTE (full time equivalent) count have the right to use a second copy of the product on a home computer if they are the primary users of the workstation on campus. You may use the software as part of Hollins lease agreement.  You do not own the software.  See the information below to see how to purchase the media for the software.

Campus Agreement includes the following platform of products:

  • Microsoft Office Standard/Professional Editions
  • Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition
  • Microsoft Windows® Upgrades
  • Microsoft BackOffice® Server Client Access License (CAL)
  • Microsoft FrontPage®
  • Microsoft Visual Studio® Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Office 2000 Step by Step Interactive by Microsoft Press®

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes.

Your agreement grants, "Faculty and eligible staff the right to run one copy of the Software, for school related activities, on either a laptop or desktop that they own or lease." The faculty and staff that you include in your FTE count can use the entire platform of software for schoolwork at home.  (Staff who use computers regularly in their work were counted to obtain our FTE.  If you question whether you are a part of that group, please contact the Kerry Edmonds, Director, Human Resources at x6630)

Termination of Rights to use the Software

Use of this software is for the period of our lease (our current lease extends till July 1 of the current school year).  As long as Hollins continues to renew it's Campus Agreement with Microsoft and you remain an employee of the university, you may use the software.  Individuals who leave the university must remove the software from their home PC at the time of termination or exercise one of  the buyout options.

The full terms of this agreement to use the software at home can be found  at: should read this agreement before deciding if you want to purchase the software.

Purchasing the Media

 If you decide to purchase the media to exercise your work at home rights, use the online form at

On the opening page select Microsoft in the Programs and Services section (under Purchasing)
Select Microsoft Campus Agreement
Select Click here... in the To Purchase section

Select Faculty or Staff member... and Next
Select Virginia and Next
Select Hollins University  and Next

Click Next 2 times

Continue to fill in the form.

Most of the software costs between $35 and $55. 

If you have further questions, contact Brad Oechslin as x 6020

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