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IT strongly recommends that you run your antivirus programs once a week to keep your computer free of  viruses, malware, and other programs which can slow it down and cause other problems.

Implementation of Barracuda 
We have installed a software product which helps users weed out spam messages in their e-mail.  The product uses rules to predict which messages are most likely spam.  When it finds such a message, the software place the word [SPAM] in front of the subject of the message.    Users can set up rules to move all messages with [spam] in the subject to a separate folder or to delete them.  You will receive an email from Barracuda which holds known SPAM from entering your inbox.  You can then view these files and Whitelist (the email is okay to send) or Blacklist (SPAM you do not want delivered).

Occasionally, a valid e-mail message will be marked as [SPAM].  If you send these [SPAM] messages to a special mail folder, check that folder periodically to be sure you don't miss important messages.