ANTH 250(2):
Methods in Anthropology: Life-Histories/Self-Narratives

Professor LeeRay M. Costa

Spring 2002
Hollins University

Final Project:

The Life Stories 
Hollins Staff Members



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Project Description
As part of this class, each student conducted a series of oral interviews over the course of the semester. The people interviewed for this project are all staff members at Hollins University. 

This community was selected by the class based on discussion and a consideration of the goals of the project. Students chose Hollins staff members with the intention of getting to know more about these individuals who are an important part of the Hollins community. Moreover, students hoped to make others on the Hollins campus more aware of the diverse, unique, and compelling lives of those with whom they interact on a daily basis.

On this website you will find selections from the life stories of each of the individuals interviewed. You will also find selected photos of interviewees, student photos, student statements and other relevant information. Each student created her own webpage to reflect the life of her interviewee, as well as her own experience with the life history encounter. 

Below you can use the links to find out more about the interview questions, interview process, comments sent to us by viewers, and links to other sites related to oral history and self-narratives.

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Miss Louise & Jennapher

"To fail to understand another person's life story is, in general, to reject one's own humanity. 

"Whether recorded in the extremity of personal or cultural annihilation, or in the midst of joy and productivity, the anthropological life history offers a positive moral opportunity to pass on stories that might otherwise never be told. 

"For those who are bearers of a tradition, the opportunity to tell their story can be a gift: reassurance that they are indeed still alive, that their voices will be heard, and that their cultures can survive. It is a gift of equal importance for those generations to come who will take up that tradition and shape it to their own needs as the future unfolds."

-L.L. Langness & Gelya Frank (1985:136)

Heather Barrow



Angie Jeffreys







Kelly Strawderman

Jennapher Turner


Jenny Jo



The Class:



Jenny Jo, Ashley, Leah, Megan, Jennapher, Lynne
       Heather, Cat, Angie, Frankie, Regan, Jessi
                                                    Kelly, Dr. Costa



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