Photos from the Hollins Elementary Science Institute for Teachers, June, September, & October, 2008

Dr. Godard addresses group in VAC 119, our home base.

Dr. Ametepe models night and day.

working with measurement in Ms. Auldridge's session.

Chinese buffet ... yum.

these were not on the menu.

Working with circuits in Dr. Derringer's session.

ah, it works!

Enviroscape model demonstrated by Llyn Sharp, VT Geosciences

Jim Beard of the Virginia Museum of Natural History leads us on a rock hunt in the Boxley Quarry, Fieldale.

Stomatolite fossil found in quarry on US 460, Roanoke. See: http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/167776

modelling the expansion of the universe.

checking out the features of the moon.

Studying the macroinvertebrates in Carvins Creek.


Dr. Dan Derringer and son, teaching about simple machines and demonstrating the pulley.


leaving the VMNH, Martinsville.

Alex Bentley presents on classroom pets.

 Dr Gretchen Achenback, Director of Environmental Education for the Wildlife Center of Virginia, with a screech owl..


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