HESIT 2010 participants touring the Hollins campus, led by Dr. Godard.

    Julie tests the mystery liquid.


Kathy Smith of the Blue Ridge Soil and Conservation District engaged us in many hands-on activities.

The swirling colors investigation elicited a few "ahs..."

Dr Derringer and the swinging bowling ball.
Dr. Godard addressing the life science SOLs.

 Allison investigating the solar system through modeling.
Alex Bentley considering the pros and cons of various classroom pets.

Investigating as modeling was a theme in both earth-space science and physical science.
 The solar system on the soccer field, and during the World Cup no less.  

Kelly conceptualizing eclipses.
Dr Ametepe modeling earth-sun-moon relationships in space.  
 Model of eclipse.   Jasmin and Wisconsin FastPlants©  
Owl pellet investigation.
 Julie explores the microscope and the microscopic.  

Robin and Kelly participate in pollution simulation.      
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