Stream stimulation activity - day one.

2011 HESIT participant
 Pat investigates bubble making.


Adrian also investigates properties of bubbles.


      Bessbugs are great invertebrates for investigations.


 Kathy Smith of the Blue Ridge Soil and Conservation District engaged us in this activity about water pollution. Brandy and Lindsay volunteered here.


 Alex shared his knowledge about classroom pets.

Janee seems to be comfortable handling the ball python.

  Elizabeth seems to have found a new friend, a red-tail boa constrictor.

   Miranda and young python.

  Bryan constructing self watering planter.

Our Wisconsin FastPlants© seeds sprouted in these self-watering devices.

   Chip and Susan do the egg-in-the-bottle "trick" but in a new way.

Jen and partner work with the pendulum.

 Jenny and partner swinging their pendulum.

   Kayla and Carolyn investigate the UV blocking power of various sunscreen products.

    Bean sprouts charted.

Teresa Auldridge completes pendulum graph.
 Brandy and the silkworm caterpillar.
Silkworm, still eating.
 Janet and Dana measuring UV penetration through various sunscreens.
 Renee Godard doing the math.
 Pat practices microscopy.
Chip is dissecting his owl pellet.
  This pellet was loaded!
  Static electricity activity in Dan's session.
  Dan Derringer discussing matter.
Jim Beard interprets igneous rock exposure in Martinsville.

 Teachers scurrying to collect sedimentary samples, Danville.

 Bryan and Matthew hammer away at gneiss, Martinsville.

 Our state fossil.
Dana and Pat examine bird skins at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

 Jen makes note on collected specimen.

 Jenny and Lindsay at igneous outcrop, Martinsville.

 Julie and friend, VMNH.

 Chip and Amy collecting microinvertebrates from Carvins Creek.

 Llyn Sharp of Virginia Tech Geosciences Outreach, identifying specimens collected in Carvins Creek.

 Elizabeth and Brandy sorting through stream debris for critters.

 Janee and Amy with seine net.

 Ciel records data at Carvins Creek.

 Jen, Jane, Miranda, Brandy and others complete shadow outlines.

 Will, Chip, Janee, Susan, Karen, Janet and Kimberly doing the shadow study.

 Matt Fleenor interpreting simulation applets to Adrian, Kimberly, and Brandy.

Karen and Susan seem to be concentrating.

Moon phase simulation in Matt's session.

 Julie, Kayla, Bryan and Elizabeth study simulation applet.

Amanda Nicholoson of the Wildlife Center and her pal.

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