Above: photos by Sharon Oestreicher of project materials distributed in Sept to participants, along with notebook and journal.

Click here to download Sharon's presentation, Journey of the New River: and here for the supplemental maps:

Scale model sun-earth distance activity, by Kate Campell   Kate's poster display is below.

So sorry that this photo is blurry, my fault. This is Jenny Summerson's project, a poster presentation on inquiry in her class.

Julie Seate is shown presenting her project in October.

Melissa Martin displays her project involving scale modelling and earth-sky objects.

Mona Helms shares her project, an investigation of the water cycle.

Above, project presentation by Sarah Dillon, Carrie Payne, and Ann Gudman;
opposite, Krista Kanode and Debbie Kier

Above, Marie Kinzie, opposite, Lisa Ashwell and EmmaWillis.

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