ARTICLES AND PEDAGOGICAL RESOURCES

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2014 presentations by Dr. Bentley:
new Overview of the Elementry Science Institute  pdf
Introduction to the Nature of Science  pdf
Teaching Science from a Constructivist Perspective  pdf
Differentiating Science Instruction: Part I  pdf
Differentiating Science Instruction: Part II  pdf
Our Planet, Our Future  pdf

The First Week of School" Chapter 1 of Rise and Shine: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Science Teacher, by Linda Froschauer and Mary L. Bigelow (2012)

* Dichotomous key activity using ordinary lids  

* Teaching about the Gulf Oil spill, from the National Environmental Education Week June Newsletter 
* Virginia Standards of Learning for Science, revised Jan 2010

* The late Gerald Bracey on "What research says about the value of out-of-school learning" - and how such experience can be transformative  

* "Learning on Display: Student-Created Museums That Build Understanding" - Linda D’Acquisto, 2006, reviewed by Julia Borst Brazas — Teachers College Record 

* "Enhancing the Conceptual Understanding of Science" - Dorothy Gabel, 2003, Educational Horizons

* The "Gender Chip Project Curriculum" a project of the Media Working Group, a 33-p color booklet with activities that addresses girls and minority education in the sciences

* "The Common Ground: A Rationale for Integrating Science and Reading" - Christine Anne Royce and David A. Wiley, 2005, Science and Children

* "Making the Most of Field Trips" - Linda Mayger, 2007, Educational Leadership  

* "The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction" - Robert J. Marzano, 2007, Chapter 3, ASCD  

* "Learner Guidelines for Fourth Grade" - North American Association for Environmental Education (see NAAEE website other grade level guidelines and initiatives)  

* "Teaching Global Sustainability" K-4 curriculum guide overview - Facing the Future, 2008 (see website for activities and other resources K-12)  

* Smithsonian guide to creating a nature journal (2006)  


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