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   Blackboard 9 FAQ


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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Where are my new courses?  I don't' see them when I login to Blackboard.
    Course sites are not automatically set up for every course.  To request a site, email Brad Oechslin.

    Please provide the course name (something like British Literature), the course number (something like eng345), and the section (1,2,..)
  • I see my course in the list of courses I am teaching but there aren't any students in it. Why?
    Each professors must enroll their students from their class roster.
  • How do I enroll my  students in my class?
    Steps to enroll students

  • How do I reset my password?
    On the opening Blackboard page, in the Tools Module, select Personal Information.
    Select Change Password
    Enter the new password in the 2 fields and click Submit
  • How do I request a new or copied course site?
    Use the BB Request Course Form

  • How do I make my course unavailable at the end of the semester?
    In the Course Management section, make sure the Control Panel is expanded. Expand the Customization section.
    Select Properties.
    Set Make Course Available to No and press Submit.
  • How do I export my grades from the Grade Center?
    Steps to export the Grade Center information

  • How do students access their grades in Blackboard?
  • Where can I find copyright information - especially with regard to Blackboard?
    ALA site

    US Copyright Office
  • How do I see the students who I enrolled in the course?
    To see your class role,

Open Users from the Users and Groups area of the Course Management menu.
Enter % in the dialog box in the Search area.  
Press Enter or click

If all of the users are not displayed, click on  at the bottom of the list.

The Edit Paging  button controls how many items (in this case users) are displayed on the screen at one time.

  • How do I see the Roster (in the Tools Area of the menu)?
    From the menu select Tools
    Select Roster
    In the second dialog box, from the drop down menu, select Not blank and press Enter (or click Go).

  • What happened to the menu options on my older courses?  I can't see any menu options.
    Resolution to Missing Menu Items

  • Do I have to do any special browser setup to use Blackboard?
    First make sure you are using a supported browser by checking the supported browser list.

    In Internet Explorer, add to the list of trusted sites.   Steps to add it to the list.
  • I can't see all of the columns in the Grade Center.  There is no scroll bar to allow me to see the right most columns.
    To correct it (but not change the font size), do the following:
    a. From your Desktop area, right-click and choose Properties.
    b. Click on the Appearance tab, and then click the Advanced button to display the Advanced Appearance screen.
    c. Select Scrollbar from the  pull-down menu and check the size setting.
    d. If greater than 20, change the size back to 17 (which is the default) and click
    OK, then Apply.  (Iif the setting is now 17, change it to 16).
    e. After changing the setting, open a new browser window and access the Grade Center. The horizontal scroll bar should again be visible.