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       Student Email FAQ
        For students using OWA (Outlook Web Access)  to access their Email  
Q. How do I access my email?
A. Mail is available by opening the my.hollins portal ( and clicking on the E-Mail tab. You can
also open the main Hollins web site at and click on the WEBMAIL link at the lower right corner of the window.  You can also set your web address to
Q. What is my username for OWA?
A. Use your network username. (This is usually your lastname followed by your first and last initial).
Q. What is my email password?
A. Your email password is the same as your network password .
Network passwords are initially in the format: your 3 initials followed by the last 4 digits of your Hollins University ID. For example, if Jenny K. Harper had the Hollins University ID of A64660887, her password would be jkh0887. If hollins did not have your middle initial, your password is your 2 initials followed by the last 4 digits of your Hollins University ID. (Hollins sends new students their Hollins University ID via US mail).
Q. What is the difference between choosing Public Computer and Private Computer on the login screen for OWA?
A. If you login as a private computer, your session will continue indefinitely.
If you login as a public computer, your session will terminate after 15 minutes.
        To contact the Help Desk dial x7777 from on campus or 362-6538 from off campus

Updated 4/17/09