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Introduction to the Hollins Phone System

 The Hollins University Telephone System provides voice mail for the Hollins  community eliminating the need for answering machines and gives users quick access to telephone messages on or off campus.  In addition to voice mail, the system provides opportunities to the Hollins community to automate various office functions and provide teleconferencing capabilities, as well as FAX and PC integration link.  The voice mail is marketed under the name AUDIX and will be referred to as such in the remainder of this document.

General Information 

Student Phones

Students are required to bring a phone (preferably with caller ID).

Problems and Questions

The Hollins campus telephone system is being supported through an outside company.  The company is STC Services.  STC will help you with any questions you may have such as problems with your phone/connection (codes, passwords, features, etc.) or moving of phones/extensions in offices.  Numbers and information to remember are as follows:

Service Number for any phone related problems Monday – Friday  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Ext. 6567

Account Balance Information

Ext. 6587

Off Campus Number for Support

888-382-7070 (Toll Free)

 AUDIX Access Number

To access AUDIX from your telephone, dial 7444.  From off campus, the number is (540) 362-7444.

Getting Started

 CAUTION:  Please listen to and carefully follow the AUDIX voice prompts as you use your telephone system.  We recommend that you perform the following activities the first time you use AUDIX. 

  1. Log In
    1. Dial extension 7444 and listen for the voice prompt.
    2. Enter your extension number and press #.  NOTE: You do not need to enter your extension number if you are dialing from your own telephone, just press #.
    3. Enter the initial default password, 0#.


  1. Personalize Your Password
    1. Enter a number 7 to 15 digits as your personal password, followed by the # sign.
    2. Re-enter your personal password followed by the # sign.
  2. Create Personal Greetings
     (To be heard by your callers when your calls are answered by AUDIX.)  You have the option to create up to nine greetings.
    1. Enter 3.
    2. Enter 1, listen to the voice prompts.
    3. Indicate which greeting you will record, 1-9.
    4. Record your greeting.
    5. Enter 1 to end your recording.
    6. Press 2-3 to playback or press *D to delete and re-record or press # to approve.
    7. Press 1 to select the same greeting for all calls.
  3. Input Your Name into the System
    1. Log back into the system.
    2. At the Activity Menu, dial 5-5.
    3. Follow voice prompts.


Dialing Instructions 

Local Calls: Dial 9 + the number.

Direct Dial Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + the area code + number, wait for the tone, and then dial your seven digit access code. 

International Calls: Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code (if any) + number, wait for the tone, and then dial your seven digit access code. 

Operator Assistance:
Dial 9 + 0: A Bell Atlantic operator will come on the line.
Dial 9 + 00: An MCI operator will come on the line. 

Toll Free Calls: Dial 9, wait for the tone, then dial the toll free number. 

Directory Assistance: Dial 9 + 1 + the area code + 555-1212, wait for the tone, and then dial your access code.  There will be a charge for a directory assistance call. 

Campus Use: Dial the last 4 numbers only. Do not use the 362 prefix. 

Helpful Hints 

New Messages

1.      To check for new messages: pick up the receiver and listen for the stutter dial tone Beep, Beep, Beep).

2.      To retrieve messages:

A.     Dial extension 7444 and listen for the voice prompt.

B.     Enter your extension and press #.

C.     Enter your password and press #.

D.     Follow the voice prompts. 

Call Waiting
        Cord Phone: Press the switch hook, then press #1.           

            Cordless Phone: Press the Flash button, then press #1. 

Changing your Password

1.               Login to AUDIX.

2.                At the activity menu dial 5-4.

3.                Follow the instructions.

Changing the name

1.               Login to AUDIX.

2.                At the activity menu dial 5-5.

3.                Follow the instructions. 

Re-login on AUDIX

            When calling from off campus you may check both office and home messages in one call. After finishing with the first location: Dial **R. The instructions will begin from the beginning. 

Off-Campus Checking Messages and Calling On-Campus Numbers

When checking messages from off campus you may also call another number on campus:

1.      Login to AUDIX.

2.      Check messages.

3.      Dial *8.

You will now be able to call other extensions on campus. 

Phone is not ringing/Calls go straight to AUDIX

1.      Pick up the receiver.

2.      Press #3. 

AUDIX and Non-AUDIX functions

1.      If you lift the receiver and strike *3, your telephone will not ring, and all your calls will go directly to AUDIX.

2.      If you lift the receiver and strike #3, your telephone will be returned to normal and will ring with incoming calls.

3.      If you are listening to your messages in AUDIX, *3 will delete the last message you heard. 

Caution: If you wish to delete a message, you must be in AUDIX; otherwise, if you strike *3, your telephone will not ring. 

Retention Time for Messages

            All messages, old, new, and unopened, will be deleted in ten days automatically. 

Changing Rooms

            After changing rooms, you must contact STC Customer Service at 6567 (on-campus) or 1-888-298-1780 (off-campus) for assistance in logging into AUDIX. 

Unauthorized Calls

            Making unauthorized calls without using an access code or with someone else’s access code constitutes an act of theft, which violates the Hollins Honor Code and can result in a felony charge.  

Call Forward

To transfer calls to another extension on campus press *2 and the four digit extension. To deactivate press #2.  Receiver must be off the switch hook. 

Harassing, Annoying, Obscene or Threatening Phone Calls

            Anyone can be a victim of harassing, annoying, obscene or threatening phone calls.  The calls are intended to upset you.  Most can be prevented or avoided by learning and using some simple techniques to decrease your potential for victimization.

  • Never give out personal information to strangers on the telephone.  If they claim to be conducting a survey or credit check, check their references before releasing the information.
  • Never give your name or number to a “wrong number” caller.  Ask them who they are trying to reach.
  • Hang up on offensive callers.  Don’t show your annoyance by slamming the phone down.
  • Never reveal that you are home alone.
  • Remember, you do not have to talk to anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you are experiencing harassing, annoying, obscene or threatening phone calls on a regular basis, call Campus Safety at extension 6419.


Hollins University has implemented a direct emergency telephone number #6911. 

Campus emergency             #6911             Please don’t misuse or tie up this line to report keys locked in a vehicle or for minor maintenance repair requests 

Non-emergencies              #6419/6501
Hollins Emergency 6911
  • Dial 6911
  • Give your name and the number you are calling from
  • Give the location of the incident
  • Describe what is happening or what you have observed.
  • Give a description of the suspect.
  • Give the suspect’s means and direction of travel.
  • Stay on the phone and answer any questions the dispatcher may have.
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up

Rescue 6911

  • Dial 6911
  • Give your name and the number you are calling from
  • Give the nature of the injury or illness
  • Give the location where medical assistance is needed.
  • Answer any questions the dispatcher may have.
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.

Fire 6911

  • Dial 6911/pull fire alarm
  • Give the location of the fire or fire alarm
  • Exit the building

Always report crimes no matter how small they may seem.  Safety officers can do nothing about crimes unless they know they’re happening.


Hollins University uses the AUDIX/Definity AUDIX/INTUITY voice mail system from Avaya. This new technology allows the University to automate various office functions, provide digital (ISDN) and teleconferencing capabilities, allows for caller ID, ATM capabilities, FAX and PC integration link, and network integration. Every room in each student residence has a active telephone line installed. The student must provide her own telephone set. Instructions can be found at the below link on how to use the voice mail function. 



Quest is the long-distance carrier for Hollins University . Each student, faculty, and staff member can be issued a code number to use when dialing long distance.  Code numbers are issued to students in the student affairs department and to staff/faculty by the human resources department.  The cost of the call is discounted by Quest.  Billing of detail calls is provided to the students on a monthly basis. Other long distance carriers can be accessed from the Hollins University telephone system.  Students provide their own telephone sets.


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