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  Stat 140: Introductory Statistics
Fall 2012
Tentative Schedule
Date In-class/Homework Handouts, Notes and Data Turn in:
9/5 (W) Introductions;
Section 0.1: Statistical Thinking; Exploration 0.1: Recruiting Organ Donors
Class Notes Pre-test
Data Collection Survey (Moodle)
Getting to Know You Survey (Moodle)
9/7 (F) Section 0.2: Variability;  Exploration 0.2: Predicting Old Faithful Eruptions;  Quiz 1 (Moodle) Notes Exploration 0.1
9/10 (M) Section 0.3: Probability;  Exploration 0.3: Random Babies
Random Babies Applet
Notes Exploration 0.2
9/12 (W) Section 1.1: Introduction to Chance Models
Exploration 1.1: Can Dogs Understand Human Cues?
Coin Tossing Applet
Notes  Exploration 0.3
9/14 (F) Section 1.2: Measuring the Strength of Evidence
Exploration 1.2: Tasting Water; Quiz 2
Simulation- Based One-Proportion Inference Applet 
Notes  Exploration 1.1   Solutions
9/17 (M) Section 1.3: Alternative Measure of Strength of Evidence
Exploration 1.3: Do People Use Facial Prototyping? 
Data:  30 Tim (left), 15 Bob (left)
Notes Exploration 1.2; Solutions
Quiz 2
9/19 (W) Section 1.4: Impacting Strength of Evidence
Exploration 1.4: Ccompetitive Advantage to Uniform Colors?
Notes Exploration 1.3    Solutions
9/21 (F) Section 1.5: Normal Approximation; Exploration 1.5: Calling Heads or Tails;  Quiz 3;      Q Project 1 
Theory-Based Inference Applet
Data: 17 heads,
8 tails
Exploration 1.4    Solutions
9/24 (M) Section 2.1: Statistical Inference - Confidence Intervals
Exploration 2.1:  Kissing Right?
Exploration 1.5;  
Quiz 3
9/26 (W) Section 2.2: An Alternative Approach for Estimation
Exploration 2.2: Competitive Advantage to Uniform Colors? (cont.)
Data collection survey
Notes Exploration 2.1    Solutions
9/28 (F) Section 2.3: Theory-Based Confidence Intervals
Explorations 2.3 A: Banning Smoking in Cars? and 2.3B: Economic Growth or Environmental Protection?;   Quiz 4
Simulating Confidence Intervals Applet

Notes Q Project 1
Exploration 2.2    
10/1(M) Revised Chapter 3 Explorations
Section 3.1: Introduction to Sampling from a Finite Process
Explorations 3.1 A: Sampling Words
Gettysburg Address       Random.org      Sampling Words Applet
Notes Quiz 4;  Explorations 2.3 A and 2.3B          Solutions
10/3 (W) Exploration 3.1B: American Exceptionalism
Exploration 3.1 C: Sleepless Nights
Theory-Based Inference Applet  
Sampling from a Finite Population applet
SleepPopulationA      SleepPopulationB
Notes Exploration 3.1 A      
10/5 (F) Test 1 : Covers Chapters 0 - 2   in DANA 202
Review Handout and Problems
Review Problem Solutions
Test 1 Solutions
10/8(M) --    Re-test 
10/10 (W) Section 3.2: Non-Sampling Issues
Exploration 3.2: Voting for President
Theory-Based Inference Applet  
Notes Explorations 3.1B and 3.1C
Solutions 3.1(A-C)
10/12 (F) Fall Break
10/15 (M) Section 4.1: Observational Studies and Confounding Variables
Exploration 4.1: Home Court Disadvantage?;  
Notes Exploration 3.2          Solutions
10/17 (W) Section 4.2: Experiments and Random Assignment
Exploration 4.2: Have a Nice Trip
Randomization of Subjects applet
Notes Exploration 4.1          Solutions
10/19 (F) Section 4.3: Paired Design
Exploration 4.3: Rounding First Base and Keeping Feet Dry; Quiz 5
Q Project 2 
(Report due 10/29 5:00 PM)
Notes Exploration 4.2           Solutions
10/22(M) ----   Quiz 5;
10/24 (W) Tinker Day!   ---
10/26 (F) Section 5.1: Comparing Two Groups
Exploration 5.1: Muderous Nurse?   Quiz 6
Notes Exploration 4.3           Solutions
10/29 (M) Section 5.2: Comparing Two Proportions: Simulation Approach
Exploration 5.2: Is Yawning Contagious? 
Yawyning Study applet   Inference for 2x2 Tables applet
Notes Quiz 6;  Exploration 5.1   Solutions
10/31 (W) Section 5.3: Comparing Two Proportions: Theory-Based Approach
Exploration 5.3: Donating Blood;  
Inference for 2x2 Tables applet     Theory-Based Inference Applet  
Notes Exploration 5.2            Solutions
Q Project 2 Report due 5:00 PM
11/2 (F) Section 6.1: Exploring Quantitative Data; Exploration 6.1: Haircut Prices    Randomization Test applet  Quiz 7 Notes Exploration 5.3           Solutions
11/5 (M) Section 6.2: Comparing Two Averages: Simulation-Based Approach
Exploration 6.2: Lingering Effects of Sleep Deprivation;
Randomization Test applet
Notes Quiz 7;  Exploration 6.1  Solutions
11/7(W) Section 6.3: Comparing Two Averages: Theory-Based Approach
Exploration 6.3: Close Friends;  
Randomization Test applet  
Theory-Based Inference Applet    
Notes Exploration 6.2            Solutions
11/9 (F) Section 7.1: Simulation-Based Approach for Analyzing Paired Data
Exploration 7.1: Exercise and Heart Rate
Matched-Pairs Randomization Applet 
Randomization Test applet  
Notes Exploration 6.3            Solutions
11/12 (M) Section 7.2: Theory-Based Approach to Analyzing Data from Paired Samples;  Exploration 7.2: How Many M&Ms Would You Like?
 auction.txt    Theory-Based Inference Applet 
Matched-Pairs Randomization Applet
Notes Exploration 7.1             Solutions
11/14 (W) Test 2: Covers Chapters 3-6    in Dana 202
Review Handout
Review Problems
Test 2 ---
11/16 (F) Section 7.3: Theory-Based Approach for Single Quantitative Response; Exploration 7.3: Healthy Body Temperatures
Dotplot Summary applet       
Theory-Based Inference Applet     Quiz 8
Notes Exploration 7.2              Solutions
11/19-23 Thanksgiving Break
11/26 (M) Section 8.1: Simulation-Based Approach to Compare Multi-Category Categorical Variables; Exploration 8.1: Recruiting Organ Donors              Inference for Two-Way Tables applet  
Theory-Based Inference Applet   
Notes Quiz 8; Exploration 7.3  Solutions
11/28 (W) Section 8.2: Theory-Based Approach to Compare Multi-Category Categorical Variables; Exploration 8.2: Conserving Hotel Towels
Analyzing Two-Way Tables applet   
Notes Exploration 8.21            Solutions
11/30(F) Section 9.1: Simulation-Based Approach for Comparing More than Two Groups with a Quantiative Response;   Exploration 9.1: Exercise and Brain Volume      Quiz  9
Analyzing Quantitative Response (several groups) applet
Notes Exploration 8.2             Solutions
12/3 (M)  Section 9.2: Theory-Based Approach for Comparing More than Two Groups with a Quantiative Response; Exploration 9.2: Comparing Popular Diets;  
Analyzing Quantitative Response (several groups) applet

Theory-Based Inference Applet   
Notes  Exploration 9.1             Solutions

Quiz 9;  
12/5 (W) Section 10.1: Inference for Correlation: Simulation-Based Approach
Exploration 10.1: Draft Lottery;
Analyzing Two Quantitative Variables applet  
Notes Exploration 9.2            Solutions
12/7 (F) Test 3: Covers Chapters 7-9
Review Handout
Review Problems
Test ----
12/10 (M)  Section 10.2: Least Squares Regression
Exploration 10.2: Predicting Height from Footprints
Analyzing Two Quantitative Variables applet;   Quiz 10
Notes Exploration 10.1            Solutions
12/12 (W)  Section 10.3: Inferences for Regression: Simulation-Based Methods
Exploration 10.3: Perceptions of Heaviness
Analyzing Two Quantitative Variables applet

SAOS Forms
Notes Exploration 10.2 Solutions
Quiz 10; 
Final Exam
Independent Schedule;
Cumulative, Open Book and notes;
Bring a calculator (not a cell phone), and a pencil.

Exploration 10.3          Solutions
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