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Updated September 20, 2000


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Classical Doorways: Search sites, indices, good listings of web resources for Classical Studies



v    Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet

v    ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of Egypt and the Ancient Near Available on the Internet

v    Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

v    Exploring Ancient World Cultures: A Guide to Ancient World Cultures on the Internet

v    Stoa.org: An innovative consortium of scholars using new technologies to bring Classics to the Internet

v    The Ancient World Web: A collection of links assorted by categories

v    Electronic Resources for Classicists: A collection of links with bonus categories such as Classical organizations and departments

v    Library of Congress Classics Tree Directory: From the library to end all libraries, a collection of web resources for Classicists

v    The Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature

v    RomanSites: A bibliographical tool for searching the web for Roman materials


Online Encyclopedia Sites for Classics



v    Perseus: An evolving digital library for the Classics including entries on art and archaeology, texts in Greek and Latin (and their translations) and secondary sources

v    Exploring Ancient World Cultures: A Guide to Ancient World Cultures on the Internet

v    NEW URL!!! Beazley Archive: Check this page out. Unbelievable collection of vase paintings and resources on vase paintings.  

v    Topographical Index of Ancient Rome: Yes, it is Samuel Ball Platner’s dictionary!


Greek and Latin Language



v    Greek Lexicon at Perseus

v    Cyprus Net English Greek Dictionary (not great)

v    Learn Greek on the Internet: An series of lessons in Modern Greek

v    Notre Dame Archives, Latin Aid: Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

v    Latin Dictionary at Perseus

v    Allen and Greenough Latin Grammar

v    The Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature

v    Texts and Translations at Perseus

v    Electronic Texts online at UVa


Museums with Ancient Collections



v    Archaeological Museum of Bologna: Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian

v    Boston Museum of Fine Arts: Egyptian Collection is featured on the web.

v    Boston Museum of Fine Arts: Pharoah of the Sun exhibition

v    Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University: Greek, Roman, Egyptian (tons of mummies), Near Eastern

v    Cleveland Museum of Art: Mainly their Egyptian collection is displayed on the web.

v    The Detroit Institute of Arts: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome

v    J. Paul Getty Museum: Rather complex site wherein the collections are searchable by artist, subject, or works of art.

v    Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art: All Cycladic, all the time.

v    Hellenic Ministry of Culture Museum Listing: Connects you to all the local museums in Greece (and ancient sites!)

v    Louvre Museum, Paris: Ancient Collections

v    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City: Greek and Roman collection, Egyptian collection, Ancient Near Eastern collection. Best museum web site I have ever seen!!!

v    North Carolina Museum of Art: Classical, Egyptian

v    Arthur M. Sackler Museum at Harvard University: Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Egyptian, Near Eastern

v    University of Pennsylvania Museum: Special Internet Exhibitions

v    The Vatican Museums: Etruscan, Egyptian, Greek and Roman Sculpture

v    Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur

v    Oriental Institute Virtual Museum  Egyptian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Persian Galleries.


Greek Art and Archaeology



v    Metis: Quick Time Videos of sites in Ancient Greece

v    Ancient Olympics: Online exhibition at University of Pennsylvania

v    The Ancient Greek World: Online exhibtion at University of Pennsylvania

v    Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Listing of ancient sites in Greek with good to adequate information on each site.


Roman Art and Archaeology



v    Pompeii Forum Project

v    Romarch: The original crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of early Italy and the Roman world, from the earliest settlements to Late Antiquity

v    Aquileia: I just like this web site – very specific only about the ancient site of Aquileia.

v    Augustus, Images of Power: A good collection of images from Mark Morford, Uva

v    Roman Mythological Characters and Divinities

v    Forum Romanum: “A center of Ancient Roman civilization.”

v    Lacus Curtius: A compilation of all sorts of res Romana – inscription work, maps, photo index, etc.


Egyptian Art and Archaeology



v    Animal Mummies in the Cairo Museum

v    The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser

v    Mysteries of the Nile: A series of Quick Time videos sponsored by PBS.


Near Eastern Art and Archaeology



v    King Midas: A University of Pennsylvania online exhibtion.

v    Mesopotamia: The Royal Tombs of Ur


Paleolithic and Neolithic Art and Archaeology



v    Lascaux Cave

v    Cosquer Cave

v    Altamira Cave: Exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich

v    Chris Tweed’s Ancient Sites: A guide to ancient monuments around the United Kingdom.





v    American Journal of Archaeology

Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America. The table of contents of current issues of AJA. Some other archaeological information.


v    American Journal of Philology

Journal of the American Philological Association. If you access this journal at Hollins or through the Hollins web site using your student library ID number, you can view all articles in PDF format.


v    Ancient History Bulletin

          Volumes 1 (1987) - 14 (2000) online.


v    Arachnion. A Journal of Literature and Ancient History on the Web

          All of the issues are online and can be viewed on the screen or downloaded onto a PC or MAC.


v    Arethusa

Journal of literary and cultural studies on the ancient world.


v    Arion. A Journal of Humanities and the Classics.

          The table of contents for volumes 1 - 8 are online. You can also search the indices of volumes 1 - 4.


v    Athena Review. A Journal of History, Archaeology, and Exploration.

All articles and issues are accessible. Not entirely about classical antiquity. There seems to be many articles about the Romans in Britain.


v    Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR)

          Timely reviews of current classical scholarship. You can search through their indices back to 1990.


v    Classics Ireland. Journal of the Classics Association of Ireland.

          An online journal of general classical topics.


v    Didaskalia: Ancient Theater Today.

          An online journal of theater plus a general information site about ancient theater.


v    Electronic Antiquity

An online journal of classical studies. The site is a gopher directory of each issue, and therefore not very elegant, but you do get full text versions of the articles.


v    Eranos:Acta Philologica Suecana

          Table of contents to current and previous issues.



The Table of Contents (1990-1996) of the review ETUDES CLASSIQUES.


v    Histos. The Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography at the University of Durham.

          Only three volumes so far.


v    Internet Archaeology. 

A refereed journal totally online. Articles of interest about all areas of British archaeology, including the Roman period. The site is searchable.

v                  KERNOS: Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque ancienne.

          A listing of the table of contents for this French journal.


v    Petronian Society Newsletter

Really a web site for the Ancient Novel. An impressive bibliography on the topic and a listing of web sites of interest to those who study the Ancient Novel. Some plot summaries of Ancient Novels.


v    Retiarius: Commentarii Periodici Latini


v    Scholia: Natal Studies in Classical Antiquity

          Table of contents for Scholia 1 - 7. Each article has a brief synopsis.


v    Traditio.

Traditio is a journal of ancient and medieval history, thought, and religion. The web site contains a searchable index of 50 years of the journal by author and by subject.





v    Hollins University

v    Harvard Library

v    Bryn Mawr College

v    Columbia University

v    University of Chicago

v    University of Michigan

v    University of North Carolina

v    University of Virginia

v    Virginia Tech