NSF Grant - A Faculty Development Program for Quantitative Reasoning Across the Curriculum

Hollins University
Professor Caren L. Diefenderfer
Professor P. W. (Trish) Hammer            
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Project Summary

We propose to develop a quantitative reasoning (QR) across the curriculum program at our university.  This development involves the adaptation and implementation of ideas and materials from successful Mathematics Across the Curriculum (MATC) programs at other institutions.  The development of this program presents a unique challenge as our university has evolved and is nationally recognized as a women's institution with strengths in creative writing and the humanities.  We have in place the foundational pieces of a QR program.  Our most pressing need is for faculty development.  We believe an important step in building a successful QR program is to increase awareness, understanding, enthusiasm, and applications of quantitative reasoning across campus.  We seek funds to support our efforts to bring four scholars (QR Scholars) to campus to lead interactive workshops for faculty as we adapt and modify their ideas to create QR courses across the academic disciplines.  The visiting scholars have been chosen based on direct involvement with successful MATC programs, courses, and/or workshops at other institutions.  We also request funds to support two series of follow-up workshops led by the Principle Investigators (Diefenderfer and Hammer) for the purpose of developing specific course materials to be included in QR courses at our university.  We believe that these series of workshops will involve twenty (20) faculty members and will involve creation and modification of at least twenty (20) courses to include a quantitative reasoning component.  This QR program will have an impact on all undergraduate students, beginning with those young women entering in fall 2000.  Additionally, we believe the QR program at our institution will provide a model to follow for other liberal arts universities, especially those accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS).