“In the tradition of American lyric sequences such as The Auroras of Autumn, The Bridge, and The North American Sequence, Cathryn Hankla sets forth boldly—outwardly and inwardly—in Last Exposures and makes known the histories, myths, and lives of the American landscape. These poems—whittled to an austere elegance—document the damage done, the blessings and balms of the ordinary, and the passage of time as destroyer and revelator. These poems are candid, lucid, and dogged in their unflinching stare. They take us on a difficult and amazing journey. It is only at the end of the journey that we fully appreciate it to have been a pilgrimage.”—Eric Pankey

“Cathryn Hankla’s great subject is the gaze and its commemorative residue. Last Exposures delves the intricate structures of the body, the planet, the painting, seeing rather than merely looking, traveling further into the foreign, not as tourist but as witness. No poet writing today can rival the force of her exposures: the images seized and unveiled, the picture truly fathomed. I seldom find a book as wise and empathetic, gutsy and intelligent. I come away convinced that poetry is alive and well as long as she is writing.”—Alice Fulton

“Hankla is one of those poets who challenges the reader to assemble a coherent narrative from the lyric fragments she provides. She is part Sibyl and part Cassandra, and her business is mysteries and the positing of mysterious questions.”—Brendan Galvin


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