Bansi L. Kalra

Professor of Chemistry

Hollins University



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Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 214)


Spring 2006

General Information



Instructor:  Dr. Bansi Kalra      Office:  Dana 230      Phone:   x6542

Course Goals and Assessment

This course will introduce you to the vocabulary and concepts used in basic Analytical Chemistry.  You will learn the details of steps involved in the preparation and analysis of a sample, the chemical basis and techniques of analysis using gravimetric and volumetric methods as well as chromatography and spectroscopy. You will also learn and use statistical methods to determine the precision of experimental results.   

At least ten graded assignments, three quizzes, three tests and a final exam will test your understanding of the material dealing with these goals.

Text: Analytical Chemistry: An Introduction, Seventh Edition by  Skoog, West,  Holler, and Crouch

Lectures:            Monday, Wednesday, Friday     10:20 a.m.                        Dana 113

Course Assessment
*Tests (3)    40%
Quizzes (3) 25%
Assignments 10%
**Final Exam  25%
  • All examinations, tests and quizzes must carry a signed pledge. The unsigned papers will not be graded until "the student gives the assurance that the work is her own" and pledges the paper to that effect.
  • The tests and quizzes will be closed-book take-home tests and will be due at the beginning of the following class period.

** All tests and the Final Exam will be comprehensive tests covering ALL the material covered in the class.

Tentative Test Schedule
Quiz 1:   February 15 Test 1: March 1
Quiz 2:   March  15 Test 2 : April 5
Quiz 3:  April  19 Test 3:  May 1
Final Exam:  During the final-exams week.


Problems will be assigned and graded on a regular basis and will be due during the following class period.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted for CREDIT.


  • Regular class attendance is expected of you. Spot roll calls will be taken. Every absence from class will reduce your grade by 5% and more than three absences will result in a grade of F. If for some unforeseen reason you cannot make it to a class, please call me or send me an email message
  • If you are unable to write a test/quiz on the assigned day and time, you must get permission from the instructor, before the assigned day. Otherwise, no make-up test/quiz/exam will be given. The score on a missed test/quiz/exam will be zero.
  • If you miss a class because of a medical problem, a note from your attending physician is required for an excused absence.  For an excused absence from a class due to a required court appearance, or other unavoidable circumstances, appropriate proof is requiredYou are responsible for making up the missed work.
  • Please check the dates for tests, quizzes and exams, and, if possible, do not make any medical appointments with your doctor or plane reservations that will keep you away from the class.
To avoid disturbing the class, the doors to the classroom will be closed at the beginning of the class. Please make sure you are seated by that time.