Bansi L. Kalra

Professor of Chemistry

Hollins University



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Physical Chem. (Chem 332) /P. Chem Lab (Chem 332 L)


Spring 2005

General Information


Instructor:     Dr. Bansi Kalra              Office: Dana 230      Phone:    x6542

Text:    Physical Chemistry, 5th Edition by Ira N. Levine

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday      9:10 am        Dana 139

Problem Session            TBA

Laboratory:   Tuesdays, 1:15 - 5:15 p.m.        Dana 229

Tests and Grades
Three 1-hr tests 40%
Three quizzes 20%
ACS Standardized Test in Chem. Dynamics 20%
ACS Standardized Test in Quantum Chemistry 20%

The hour tests may be open- or closed- book and the ACS tests will be closed book. The ACS Tests are of 90-minute duration. The Quantum Chemistry Test will be considered as the Final Exam.

Tentative Test Schedule:
Hour Tests 
Quiz 1:              Feb 16 Test 1:         Feb 27
Quiz 2:              March 11 Test 2:         March 30
Quiz 3:              April 15 *Test 3:        May 4
*ACS Test (Chemical Dynamics)
#Final Exam: ACS Test (Quantum Chemistry): During the Final Exams Week

Assignments:   To be assigned on a regular basis.

Attendance:   Regular class attendance is expected. Unexcused absence from a test or an exam would lead to a grade of zero for that test/exam. Laboratory attendance and satisfactory performance in the lab as well as the submission of properly written lab reports on time is required for getting credit for the class.

Course Content:

The topics discussed will include Electrochemistry, the Kinetic- Molecular Theory and Transport Properties of gases, Ionic Conductance, Chemical Kinetics and Introductory Quantum Chemistry including an Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy.