Bansi L. Kalra

Professor of Chemistry

Hollins University



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Instructor:  Dr. Bansi Kalra             Office:  Dana 230         Phone:        x6542

In this class you will carry out lab experiments involving synthesis (e.g. of aspirin), and analyses of soft drinks, various analgesics like Aspirin, Tylenol etc. You will learn various experimental techniques and the operation of some simple and some advanced instruments available at the chemistry department. The FTIR, GC and AA instruments are used by industry for quality control, and by federal and state law enforcement agencies for food and drug analysis. You will find out for yourself how chemists (like you!!) get a value for the amount of ingredients present in various commercial products.

You will also be doing experiments relating to the environment, e.g. determining the efficiency of the catalytic converter in your car in converting the poisonous carbon monoxide gas to carbon dioxide, and determining the concentration of various wear metals in used airplane oil.

Requirements for passing the course:

You are expected to perform and finish all the experiments listed below. After finishing an experiment you will be expected to write a short (about two pages) report giving the Purpose, Procedure, Results and Conclusions for the experiment.

Each student will also make a presentation near the end of the short term. Each presentation would be about 15 minutes long, and will deal with either the hands-on work carried out in the lab, or with topics of your choice chosen in consultation with the instructor. The subject matter of presentations must have significant amount of chemical information.

A short synopsis (at least half a typed page) of the presentation must be submitted by 20 January.


  1. Experiment on Measurements   T   Jan 3

  2. Synthesis of Aspirin    W   Jan 4

  3. Video on color   Th   Jan 5

  4. Caffeine in Commercial Products (TLC)   M    Jan 9

  5. Analysis of various Analgesics (Spectrophotometry)   T    Jan 10

  6. Phosphate in Colas (pH meter method).)  W   Jan 11

  7. Making Artists Paints from Milk  Th    Jan 12

  8. Bottled Water/Alkalinity   M    Jan 16

  9. Bottled Water/Hardness   T   Jan 17

  10. Glucose in IV solution   W  Jan 18

  11. Detection of wear metals in used motor oil using AA  Th   Jan 19

  12. Determination of CO and CO2 in car exhaust    M   Jan 23
    Determination of CO and CO2 in car exhaust   T   Jan 2
  13. Chemistry Magic Show / Check out   W Jan 25

  14. Oral Presentations/Pizza Party  Th    Jan 26