Bansi L. Kalra

Professor of Chemistry

Hollins University


Research Interests

Kinetics of  Thermal Reactions of Small Hydrocarbons in the Gas Phase.

            I collaborate with Dr. David Lewis at Connecticut College on research projects in which we study rates and mechanisms of chemical reactions involving the thermal isomerization of cyclic hydrocarbons at high temperatures. During the summers, over the many years this research has continued, a number of Hollins students have worked with me, Dr. Lewis and students from other colleges on some of the projects.

            We study the rates and detailed mechanisms of fundamental prototype reactions of small hydrocarbon molecules. This work involves the synthesis of reactants, both unlabeled as well as labeled, at specific sites with D and 13C. The reactants are heated in our single-pulse shock tube and static reactors. The product mixtures are analyzed using conventional analytical techniques (GC, GCMS, NMR and IR) and an ultra-high resolution tunable-diode laser (TDL) infrared spectrometer to determine extents of reaction, species formed, and locations of the isotope markers in the products. We use these tests to determine the specific mechanistic pathways involved and the Arrhenius parameters for each path. In this work we have collaborated extensively with colleagues at Syracuse University, at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, and recently at Aerodyne Research, Inc..

            Two of the Hollins University students who have worked on research projects have been co-authors on manuscripts published in peer-reviewed professional chemical journals, while others have presented their work at regional, national and international chemistry conferences.

Research funding

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