Accessing the Portal


To access from off campus:

                                 Open your browser and enter for the address.





When asked for a username enter hollinsnt\username


                                The username is your network username

                                The hollinsnt is the domain name


                                When prompted for a password, enter your network password




To access the portal from  on campus:

                                From a PC with Internet Explorer  (recommended browser).

                                Open your browser and enter the address

                                This will open the announcements page of the portal.

                                You will not need to enter a username and password while on campus.


From a PC with FireFox

                                Open your browser and enter the address

                                Enter your network username

                                Enter your password



NOTE:   If you see a Security Warning like the following, click Yes to continue to the portal.





Questions or Problems?

 Please contact the helpdesk at (540) 362-6538 or extension 7777  from on campus








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