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Using Blackboard Learn at Hollins

Enrolling Your Students

1.) First, go to "Users" from within "Users and Groups" in the course's Control Panel.

2.) From the "Users" screen, click "Enroll User" and then "Find Users to Enroll"

3.) From the "Enroll Users" screen, click "Browse"

4.) Type in the last name of the student you want to enroll and click "Go". If you'd like to narrow your results, you can add the students first initial to their last name. As an example, if you wanted to enroll Charles Smith, you could search for "smithc" instead of just "smith".

5.) Notice this brings back a list of all students whose usernames contain "smithc". Select the student you want to enroll (names have been redacted for security in this example) and then click "Submit" to add the student to the list of students to be enrolled.

6.) This brings you back to the "Users" screen, but you'll notice there is now a user name in the "Username" box. If you are only enrolling one student you can click "Submit" now and the student will be enrolled. If you are enrolling multiple students, you can click "Browse" and browse for another student. You can repeat this process as many times as needed. You might want to highlight your list of names and copy them before you submit. If Blackboard encounters and error while enrolling students you will have to browse for all the names again, so copying them before you click submit can save you some time!

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