Hollins University Network Device Registration Form

This form is for registering mobile devices, gaming devices, or other internet-enabled devices only. This form is NOT for registering computers. All computers can connect to the wireless network without using this form by installing the Cisco Clean Access Agent.
MAC Address/WiFi Address (Media Access Control - this is NOT related to 'mac' or Apple computers): MAC/WiFi address is required, your request WILL NOT be processed if you do not provide a valid MAC/WiFi address
(ex: A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6)

Your Name:

Student or Faculty / Staff: Student     Faculty / Staff 
Device Type (e.g. Xbox 360, Wii, Galaxy Tab, iPad, etc.):
E-mail address:  

Please allow up to 72 hours for this request to be proccessed.

For more information on using smart phones on campus, click here.

How can I find my product's MAC address?

The process for finding the MAC address isn't the same for all products, but here is some information that will show you how to find the MAC address on some of the most common network devices we register:

iPod / iPad
  1. On the iPad home screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Settings window will open. Then select ‘General’ option from left side.
  3. Now select the ‘About’ ooption on the right side. It will show lot of details including Wifi address and bluetooth. Your Wifi address is your MAC address.

Microsoft Xbox 360

  1. Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. From Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings.
  4. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called Wired MAC Address.

Nintendo Wii

  1. From the Wii Channel menu, select "Wii Settings" (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it).
  2. Select "Internet," then "Console Settings."
  3. The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.

Sony Playstation 3

  1. On the main menu, select Settings.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Select System Information. Your MAC address will then be displayed on the screen.