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Using Smart Phones on Campus

As smart phones increase in popularity we want students to be able to use them to stay connected with their classmates, friends and family. This site will provide the necessary information for connecting to your Hollins University e-mail account on most smart phones.

While this information is all that is needed to connect most smart phones to e-mail, it may not work the same on all phones. Due to the many different types of phones, Hollins University's Information Technology department does not directly support any personal cell phones of any kind.

Exchange E-mail Server Information

Most phones will use Microsoft Active Sync to connect to an exchange e-mail account. Here is the information you'll need to set this up on most phones:

Server Name: exch2k7.hollinsnt.hollins.edu
Domain Name: hollinsnt.hollins.edu

Usually these two fields and a user name, password and e-mail address are all that's needed to connect a phone to an Exchange e-mail account. If you have any questions about setting this service up, please contact your cell provider.

example iphone

The above is an example of what a properly setup exchange account would look like on an iPhone.


The above is an example of how it would look on a Droid phone. This specific example is a Samsung phone.


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