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         our studio

if you'd like to pay us a visit, we're located in the left-hand side of the duchouquet basement. If the door is locked, chances are nobody's in the studio, so send us an email and we'll give you a tour!

       hollins student? get involved!

come to h.e.r. meetings on thursdays in duchoquet!. these meetings usually consist of a lot of housekeeping and technical stuff, so it's an excellent way to discover the behind-the-scenes workings of h.e.r. you can sign up to be a dj at these meetings and meet the radio staff!
are you more a of a techie than a dj? we need people like you, too! come learn our system, and help us keep it in tip-top shape!

     drop us a line!

need to get in contact with the radio station's staff? our primary email is:


we're also on some social media sites!

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  did you know?

-- the radio station's first live broadcast was
   on february 1, 2012. it wasn't even working
   three hours before launch!

-- our faculty advisor is prof. richter.

-- the radio started as a j-term project.

-- if you are a musician, you can send us 
   your music, and we will play it!

-- we keep a life-size cardboard cut out of  
   darth vader in our studio at all times!