Advising Questionnaire 

Transfer and Horizon Students

Please complete this questionnaire and submit it as soon as possible. The questionnaire will be read by your academic advisor and the dean of academic services. Some information may also be shared with your Student Success Leader and/or peer mentor.
Home Town or State/Country:
1. What about Hollins attracted you the most?
2. Which subject areas are you most interested in studying at Hollins? 

What are you considering as a possible major?

4. Are you interested in any of  the following?  If so, check the box.
  pre-med         pre-vet         pre-law         education

Have you had experience using library resources to write papers?  Yes           No

Print resources?     Yes           No
  Electronic resources (not web)?   Yes           No
   If so, please describe.  
6. Which language(s) did you study in high school?  Spanish, French, Latin, German, other
  Spanish         French         Latin       German     Other
7. Are you interested in studying abroad?    Yes           No
If yes, in which country would you most like to study?  
8. Do you expect to need help with study skills during your first year at Hollins?     Yes           No

 If yes, please specify

             time management

  study skills




  other     Please specify.  

9. Do you have any documented learning issues of which you would like your advisor and instructors to be aware?
      Yes           No
If yes, please describe: 

Please complete the following sentences:

At Hollins, in addition to earning a quality education, I am looking forward to…

  Over the next four years, I expect Hollins to...
  In order to achieve my goal at Hollins I will...
  As I look ahead to attending Hollins, I am most worried about...
11. Name a book that you have read recently or a movie you have seen that made an impression on you. Why did it impress you?

12. What do you consider your greatest accomplishments to date?
13. What do you like to do in your spare time?
14. What cocurricular activities do you think you might like to participate in at Hollins?
15. Is there anything else you would like your advisor to know about you?