Hollins Honor Code Pledge
Please read and submit by February 1, 2013.

(any student admitted after this date needs to read and submit immediately)

At Hollins, the Honor Code provides the foundation upon which life academic and social is constructed. The honor system promotes an atmosphere of trust in which students are assumed honorable unless their actions prove them otherwise. Thus, operating in this trust, some faculty give closed book take-home tests, leave the room while students take tests or quizzes, and schedule their exams to be administered on the student-run independent exam system. Your signature on the Honor Pledge is your commitment to abide by the standards expected of a Hollins student by not lying, cheating, stealing or plagiarizing. Any violation of this pledge may result in action by the Hollins Judicial System. If you have any questions about this facet of Hollins life, please e-mail the Honor Court Chair at honor@hollins.edu.

Honor Code

The basis of life at Hollins is honor and trust. The Honor Code, which embodies these ideals, applies to and must be upheld by all members of the Hollins community. Students, in a symbolic commitment to live by the Code, sign an Honor Pledge during their first six weeks at Hollins.

Honor Code Pledge

I pledge to conduct myself in an honorable and trustworthy manner at Hollins University by not lying, stealing, or cheating. I understand that my responsibilities to the Honor System are as follows when an honor offense occurs. I will:
    a. report myself to the Honor Court; and/or
    b. ask another to report herself or himself for an offense; and/or
    c. report the violation to the Honor Court if the student does not do so.


I, (electronic signature), place myself under the Honor System of Hollins University. I understand that a plea of ignorance will not excuse me in the matter. I also understand that I am subject to prosecution should I fail to report a violation.   (date)